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2010-Simorq | A music Project
Hamid Motebassem, Homayoun Shajarian, Simorq Orchestra
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2009-In the Name of the Red Rose | Dastan Ensemble, Salar Aghili
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2008-Gheyzhak-e Koli | Dastan Ensemble, Homayoun Shajarian
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2006-Saaz-e Dastan | including instrumental parts of
Hanaie, Shoorideh, Gol-e Behesht
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2005-Loolian (Gypsies) | Dastan Ensemble, Shahram Nazeri
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2005-Raghse Naaz (Dance of Coquetry) and Vanoshe 
Aref Ensemble, Dastan Ensemble
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