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The album Shurideh (Ecstatic), a work by Dastan Ensemble and Parissa won the “Shock of the Month” title by the monthly French journal, Le Monde du Musiques (World of Music).

Written by Bretrand Dikal (Le Monde du Musique, number 278, July & August, 2003)


Performed by: Dastan Ensemble and Parissa
Recorded by: Radio Berlin
Release by: Network (Germany)

Consists of a double CD

CD 1: composed by Saeed Farajpoori and Hamid Motebassem
CD 2: composed by Hamid Motebassem and Hossein Behroozinia


Parissa Vocals
Hossein Behroozinia Barbat
Pejman Hadadi Tombak, Frame Drums
Behnam Samani Daf, Frame Drums, Dammam
Saeed Farajpoori Kemanche
Hamid Motebassem Tar

On the other side of the Rhine river, Dastan Ensemble and the singer, Parissa have presented a remarkable work. This work is released by the German label, NETWORK, which has been previously praised in this very column for their other releases such as the unparalleled Infinite Sea of Love by Alem Qasemov.

The album, Shurideh, in two parts by Hamid Motebassem, Saeed Farajpouri and Hossein Behroozi Nia, is based on the Radif of classical Persian music and consists of the two major modes of this body of music (Afshari and Dashti). The beautiful lyrics have been selected from the treasure of Persian literature and the music is performed with virtuosity and great attention to detail.